Jacksonville Gun Show

  • Sep 26th - 27th, 2015
    09/26/2015 9:00 AM09/27/2015 5:00 PMJacksonville Gun Show Hours: Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm, Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm. Admission: General $8.00, Children 12 & under Free, Law Enforcement (in uniform): Free Free Parking . More Information: https://gunshowtrader.com/gun-shows/jacksonville-florida-gun-show/Greater Jacksonville Fair & Expo Center, 510 Fairground Place, Jacksonville, Florida, 32202Southern Classic Gun & Knife ShowsMM/DD/YYYY
Jacksonville, Florida
  • Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • General: $8.00
  • Children 12 & under: Free
  • Law Enforcement (in uniform): Free
    Free Parking


The Jacksonville Gun Show will be held on Sep 26th - 27th, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida. This Jacksonville gun show is held at Greater Jacksonville Fair & Expo Center and hosted by Southern Classic Gun & Knife Shows of Florida. All federal, state and local firearm ordinances and laws must be obeyed.

Greater Jacksonville Fair & Expo Center
510 Fairground Place
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

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Shows are liable to change dates, times or possibly cancel without notice to the Gun Show Trader. Make sure to check with the Gun Show Coordinator for accurate dates, times and information.


  1. says

    This gun show should be boycotted because they are exercising gun control by not letting in those with loaded weapons. What is it, don't they trust the very people they are trying to sell too? Do they support GUN CONTROL?

    • v-man 1964 says

      I understand where your coming from. But every now and then, some idiot comes along and does something stupid to ruin it for the rest of us. Better safe this way than give another reason to harm the rest of us law biding citizens.

  2. Christopher Null says

    Well it's not a gun free zone, the people their have a responsibility to protect from thieves thousands of firearms. I assure you that the owners /sellers will be outfitted with the best bullets you can buy!

  3. Monica Mo says

    What is the purpose of a CCW with FBI backround check and all that, if you only can carry in your own backyard?

  4. Matt Haley says

    Imagine the number of law abiding First Time Buyers that will be attending this show. Now I'm sure a lot of FTBs dont know how to properly handle a loaded (deadly machine) handgun/rifle/OTW ex. short barrel shotguns/rifles. This is meant to be a safe enviornment for all skill levels. It's just like any other sport; you wouldn't let a novice weightlifter do a 600 lb squat. It is not distrust but for accidental discharge.

  5. Debbie says

    Why would anyone want to carry a loaded weapon into the gun show? I would not want to be there if some extremist group decided to take some a lot of weapons, ammo and what ever else they could get their hands on.

    • Hellbilly says

      Why? I would not want to be there without my CW if your extremist group showed up. That is the whole point of a cwp. Without a way to defend your self then your just easy pickings. If they know most everybody will be carrying a cw there not apt to do anything.

  6. eron gerald says

    Anybody know if the prices are any better than a gun shop? The gun shop does not charge me $8 to come and look at there guns.

  7. Linda says

    Considering the fact that children of all ages will be attending the Gun Show as well as adults, it is just good sense to control the weapons, private and public.

  8. Rich says

    I respect everyones, concerns and comments. However, per the Joe Carlucci Uniform firearms Act in 1987, and later FS790.33 revision, states that local gun ordinances/regulations/rules etc…are null and void.
    Florida new gun law started as Senate Bill 402 and then became House Bill 45. The bill is known as the “Joe Carlucci Uniform Firearms Act” which passed by a 30-8 margin. The creation and enforcement of local gun regulations and ordinances will end on October 1, 2011, when Florida’s newly amendment firearm statute section 790.33 officially becomes law.

  9. Michael James says

    Too much testosterone and ammo in one location spells disaster. This is a place for show and tell, all we need is some idiot taking hold of another idiots gun and accidentally firing into the crowd. What do you think would happen next, in a room full of CCW types and LEOs?Pandemonium …….hence the rule, no loaded guns. Get over it and enjoy the show.
    Officer Friendly

  10. Mike says

    I do not encourage ANY gun free areas. I am responsible to protect myself and my family. I do not rely on the police EVER!

  11. john brown says

    Interesting to see the type of ‘army’ that could be raised at a gunshow….wheelchair bound, cane leaning, oxygen sucking Rambo wannabes….kinda sad,,,

  12. Just -American says

    Seriously? I would not attend any event knowing that anyone with a loaded weapon can pull it out and hand it to another to check out in a crowded room with people bumping into each other. Can you say recipe for disaster? Number one rule… Safety.! I get nervous at the gun range watching people handling weapons like they were handling something other than a tool capable of killing in an instant..! The arguement is ridiculous…¡¡