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The Illinois Gun & Knife Show Calendar

The fire power of Illinois isn't just from our nuclear plants. (The state leads in nuclear power generation.) It might also be because you can look forward to an Illinois gun show wherever you are in the state, at your preferred dates.

Just check out our calendar. Choose an Illinois gun show that you'd like to visit, and we'll see you there! Our show list has the details you need. In case you want to know more, feel free to get in touch with the promoter.

A typical show can be a lot of fun. You'll meet a diverse crew of like-minded men and women. It's definitely not just military types. You'll meet sportsmen, collectors, business owners, parents and more.

If you are new to gun shows, you can still expertly navigate the event and get the best deals. Just read up on our 101 Gun Show Tips to know how.

If you are or want to be a gun owner, make sure you are up-to-date on gun laws in your state and the rest of the country. Check out our Gun Law Book for more information.

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