Go to a Gun Show!
The BIG 2019 Gun Shows List

This is the largest, most up-to-date gun show list for North America. The 2019 calendar of arms shows and outdoor expos is updated daily by our staff of firearm enthusiasts. There are currently 1471 gun shows listed in the calendar.

Verified GunShows for this Weekend

Is it your first time visiting a gun show?

Here are some Gun Show Tips

Don’t expect anything fancy when you go to a gun show in North America. It is basically just a group of exhibitors and gun enthusiasts looking to buy or just connect with like-minded individuals. Nonetheless, gunshows can be a lot of fun.

Endless tables of what you need.

When you come into a gun show, be prepared to see endless tables offering a variety of guns, ammunitions, holsters, accessories, and other collectibles.

With gun shows in the US, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by your options. So, come prepared. Have a list on hand. And, it pays to do some research first.

You can’t rely on the gun show exhibitors to give you the best price for their products. Remember that it’s still a business for them. So, go online and check common prices for the items you want. Hop from table to table, and do a good survey of what’s available at the gun show. This is also a good way to connect with the sellers.

Patience pays off.

Of course, hopping from table to table at a gunshow can be a chore, especially if the gun show has a massive number of exhibitors. Have a little patience and you’ll find the perfect items that fit your budget.

To touch or not to touch.

Most exhibitors will let you touch their gun show merchandise. After all, this is a good way to demo their products. Giving you a tactile experience can move you closer to making a purchase.

Of course, this is not the same for everyone. There are some items that vendors in gun shows don’t want touched, unless it’s with their assistance. This is often the case for high-end firearms, such as a Barrett 50. They’d have a sign up to let you know.

What to bring in a gun show.

Back then, you need to have some cash handy when you want to buy guns. Nowadays, however, exhibitors in gun shows have gone high-tech. Many now use mobile devices that can scan credit cards. This is an effective sales tactic that keeps you within the gunshow premises. It becomes more tempting to make an immediate purchase, right there and then. Of course, you might want to pay in cash. So, have some with you in case there are no nearby ATMs.

If you’re at a gun show to buy handguns, have your license to purchase or Concealed Carry permits – whatever applies to your state – with you.

The people you meet in gun shows.

A variety of people visit gun shows in North America. So, don’t worry! It’s not just angry white dudes or military fanatics who go – you’ll see very few of these, actually. Most of the time, you’ll see hunting enthusiasts and collectors at these shows. More and more women are showing up too. There is a good mix of gun enthusiasts and first time buyers. It is usually a good experience for first-timers.