Gun Law Book Review

I got a wonderful opportunity to review the gun law book “Gun Laws by State.” You should have at least heard of it by now. If not, then this Gun Law Book review is perfect for you.

The book covers all 50 states in the United States. It also covers questions concerning reciprocal carry and interstate transportation. In addition to state and federal gun laws, the book also covers information on federal property among other gun law topics.

This review will be completely unbiased. In this Gun Laws by State review, I’ll let you know who this book will be good for, and also who this book might not be good for. Most likely if you’re on the Gun Show Trader, this book will benefit you in some way.

Gun Law Book Review: Initial Thoughts

When I first received the book I immediately began reading. At first the book seemed like it was all legal jargon. I wasn’t the biggest fan. However, I kept at it.

After a few pages it began to make sense as I eased into it. Within the first few minutes I was quickly won over. I learned way more about gun laws in the United States than I even thought possible.

Start from the Beginning

The book has several sections even before the Table of Contents. I suggest you read every bit of it. This includes the Terms of Access and Use pages.

Before Chapter One, the “Gun Laws by State” include recent trends for the current year. This was surprisingly helpful in order to understand why current laws are in motion.

It also includes explanations of specific terms used throughout the book. It’s a short section and well worth the time. It’ll make your read easier while going through the book.

When your are driving in a state that has a slower speed limit… That other state’s law applies. Your driver’s license is recognized only to allow you to drive there.

  • Retreat vs Stand Your Ground
  • Individual State Laws
  • Transportation including buslines, airlines and private transportation.
  • Myth Busters Section

Read It Entirely

I would suggest that everyone read the “Gun Laws by State” in its entirety. Even if you have only lived in a single state, have never left that state, and never plan on leaving that state you should read this book completely. Not only will it give you a better understanding on how gun laws work in this country, but it will also help you to understand gun laws in your own state.

Review it when Traveling

The single greatest part of this book is being able to review it when traveling. I’m getting ready to take a trip here in a few weeks. Since this is trip is going to take me across several state lines I’ll be reading up on each state’s gun laws. That alone is worth the price of the book.

Gun Laws by State Price

At the time of this review Updated for 2017:

  • Physical Paperback: $20.00

Purchase “Gun Laws by State”

Who Should Buy This Book?

  • Anyone who owns a firearm
  • Anyone who has a Concealed Carry
  • Anyone who travels with their firearm(s)

Who This Book Isn’t For

  • Non-firearm owners
  • Anyone looking for “loopholes”

Thank You

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know in the comments below what you think and how you like the book.