Oaks Gun Show

Past Dates
  • May 31st - Jun 1st, 2014
  • Aug 9th - 10th, 2014
  • Feb 14th - 15th, 2015
  • May 30th - 31st, 2015
  • Aug 8th - 9th, 2015
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
  • Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm

The Oaks Gun Show currently does not have dates scheduled. This Phoenixville, Pennsylvania gun show is held at Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and hosted by Eagle Arms Sporting Show of Pennsylvania. All federal, state and local firearm ordinances and laws must be obeyed.

Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Antique Firearms, AR’s, AR Accessories, AK’s, AK Accessories, Ammo, Military Surplus, Hunting Knives, Books on related topics, Gun Parts, Accessories and much more!

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
1601 Egypt Road
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460

1,000+ Tables

Please Confirm All Gun Shows

Shows are liable to change dates, times or possibly cancel without notice to the Gun Show Trader. Make sure to check with the Gun Show Coordinator for accurate dates, times and information.


  1. says

    Does anyone have a real address for this place? I see '427 Business Center, Oaks, PA', I see 'Phoenixville, PA' , 'Horesham, PA' real directions (GPS coordinates – Lattitude / Longitude?) would be appreciated! the Google Maps location has a note saying the address is worng… it's a 3 hour drive for me, I'd like to be sure of my end point.

  2. says

    i just sold my sporterised k98 mauser for 550. the scope was awesome, the stock was ned, but the muzzle, reciever and bolt were all matching parts. i bout it from a guy for 75, he had already tapped the barrel for the scope…grrrr, so i added one

  3. Jim says

    Just got my firearm I.D. Card and was looking to buy a nice inexpensive used shotgun. Is the oak show a good place for that, it will be my first gun.

  4. Dave Larkins says

    UTAH Concealed Carry Course at Oaks Show ?

    Do any of you guys have the info on the (4) HOUR UTAH CCP Course being offered at the OAKS show this weekend ?

    Sign-Up, time, location ?


    Call or Text me at:
    (610) 842-7905

  5. Russ says

    You can purchase the pistol without a permit, but you’ll have to take purchase it from a FFL (FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSED) dealer and take it right home. Things get iffy as to what you can do with it from there, your best bet is to get the conceal/carry, even if you don’t plan on doing so. I’d go for it outside of Philly (you an now go to another county in PA) to get the license to a more gun friendly place.

  6. Eric says

    Looking for a new mint LWRC in 223 / 556 AR rifle, new unhandled & 100% mint, and would even love to get a totally matching new pair with consecutive serial numbers as well.

    In the NE Philly PA area or close by ?
    (Cash on hand, willing to travel & meet FTF within reason)

    And the same with Daniel Defense AR rifles in 223 / 556 as well…

    Please if anyone can help, please contact me anytime via call or text at 267 255 5050

    Thank You So Much,

  7. D says


    All these here are very same exact Dealers that keep on bringing time and time again is the very same old junk stock that just never sells, so perhaps that by showing us a very limited poor choice stock they think that eventually this old stock of theirs will sell, and that is why all we see is the very same old unwanted and second hand junk, be it a little scratched, old or used, same as the next seller has on display or those typical same exact non selling toys that are readily available just about everywhere you go.

    And yet they always complain why no one is buying, over and over.
    Bring us a good quality in a choice of various different or rare and high end rifles and pistols.
    For once I am yet to see the local same Dealers have a great selection of quality firearms, and a similar variety that you see down south, or just anything different other than the very same unwanted junk that they took home the very last time and all the times before.

    I am hoping to find a very good large selection of quality firearms & those with no scratches or those that have long been in their inventory which do have the scratches or were handled and dry fired by thousands of lookers, looking forward to H&K, Steyr, FN, Uzi, LMT, LWRC, Daniel Defense, and the so many other quality or rare new toys for us to buy, rather than those new huge 50 cal rifles which in these areas are for display only.

    Personally would love to buy HK p7, HK 93 or 94, Steyr AUG, Israel made Uzi and hope they are in a very nice clean original or a collectible condition.


    • Sam says

      Definitely agree, I basically know just as many folks already do, that when I need basic accessories or ammo I then go to a local show, but should one need any specific or a particular item, chances are that only Internet with shipping is usually the best & only bet.

      Shame is that these shows are soon going to be just shows for looking only like a car show, and if you had wanted any actual specific or a particular item to purchase and spend your hard earned dollars, or anything that’s really nice that you wish to add to your private collection then again Internet is the only way to go,
      and these shows are merely a hit or miss deal, sadly if anyone wants anything in particular or a good quality product and it being in perfect condition then they most probably will not be bringing it home from any local gun show here any time soon.
      And the Dealers will not see the facts but rather keep on complaining as to why no one is buying the crap and the junk that they all bring and throw on the tables for all to handle and abuse.

      ( notice they never really bring the real good stuff and openly say so, but why ??? )

      I honestly do wonder what ever happened to the good old days of easily finding any particular or a special piece or just some real nice high quality or even a real rare piece that you have long wanted and now ready to buy, and yet unfortunately very well know that by going to even a big local gun show you will not find even one, so that you will actually be bringing it home as it used be…


  8. E says

    When you go to a Fleamarket or Garage Sale and ask for anything in particular the Sellers usually reply with Well I Never Bring My Good Stuff Here,

    The local Gun Show Dealers here today are all just about the same, I personally actually have had many Dealers say those very same exact words to me when I had asked for a specific item, to be exact I am looking for H&K P7 M8 type pistols, and was open to different models & colors and ready to buy more than one, but sadly not even one has been availble in the last few months at even the larger more popular events,

    So then is this not a place that we all come to from the far and pay admission just to be able and find that one or two special or specific items that we are hoping to get and bring home ?

    So where do you bring “the good stuff” or how do I actually buy one or two ?

    Yes I know that online it totally is a Buyer’s Market with tons of many different choices and variations all up for sale awaiting the buyer, at many different prices based on the actual item, and in any make or model, any version, color, & condition or the quantity that you actually want to get.

    But wouldn’t it be nice to actually just see it live in person & to hold it, and look it over for yourself, just before you buy it, which is what you are there for?

    I seriously believe that soon all my purchases will be coming from the Internet. Of course they would all be sent by an FFL to my FFL.

    + 1

  9. Andrew says

    Perhaps the Sellers or Dealers just simply neeed to be more up to date with their current stock that they keep on bringing, after all the days of the basic regular standard AR15 with the basic configuration having a plastic forearm with a fixed front sight are long gone, even the cheap MOE Magpul Furniture is no longer applied by the manufacturer, and so many new and high quality manufacturers are all always striving to get a better & nicer product out there, while we the Buyers are being fed crap or just anything that they currently have in their non selling stock or just need to get rid off, and the good stuff to which you refer to is simply at home locked away in their very own safes, or anytime it comes to anything quality or rare, it ends up online for their very own better internet feedbacks…


  10. Joe says

    Ye been to the last several shows and it looks as if they all have same old stock repeatedly, and the prices are still high and agreed about the many dings and scratches.
    Seems like they only sell some second hand goods or those with imperfections and defects that they get ultra cheap and still sell it and consider it as new.

  11. Roberto says

    Honesty I still am puzzled why we even need to pay any admission prices to go and be able to buy something, it’s sorta like going to any Store, a Supermarket or a Mall and you will need to pay admission to be able and shop there, regardless what the goods are,
    but the main problem is that if at least these local shows had something really nice or rare or quality guns to buy,
    enough of those cheap old Nagants and Century butchered copies & junk, please give us something that we can actually buy, be it for our collection or to use in the field.
    Just my two cents.


  12. Ross says

    When was the last time you saw a selection of the Surefire Flashlights or a selection of Eotech sighting systems at any of these shows?

    or even just one, any of the above, in any model, which is new and boxed?

  13. Eric says


    Yes of course, but all Gun Dealers will then try to buy them from you usually for pennies, and especially if you have something really good or rare,
    there you can Buy, Appraise, Sell to a Dealer or Privately, and Trade too, but the best true appraisals you can usually very easily & simply fairly do all for yourself,
    just by seeing the current market value today for same exact goods by going to Gunbroker, which is what everyone and even Dealers will do, so look for the very same exact make and model, the year made and the condition, any accessories or upgrades, rare or special proof marks, etc…

    You should not expect a written Appraisal, say if its needed officially for an Insurance comp, its only Verbal anyway, such as I believe the value of your product is… and keep in mind that different people will all have different things to say.

    Usually it is best to sell private, keep in mind that Dealers will then resell for profit, to cover their overhead and rent, the electricity, phone bill, internet, be able to pay their own sales people, take a salary home, and thats what they do for a living to make a profit.

    What do you have ? I can easily do it for you… I can gladly give you my personal contact Info.

    Good luck and be very careful.

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